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Wonkwang University, as the region's best private institution located at Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, was founded focusing on cultivating future leaders of the advanced civilized society by providing an integrated total human education with both science and morality on the basis of the founding principle of Won Buddhism“, With this Great Opening of Matter, let there be a Great Opening of Spirit.” Wonkwang University, which originated from the former Yuil Hakrim in 1946, occupies 1.6 million㎡ of beautifully landscaped ground and has 15 colleges, 29 divisions(including 3 independent divisions) and 20 departments, as well as Graduate Schools, Specialized Graduate Schools and Professional Graduate School of Oriental medicine, etc. Currently, a total of 25,000 students are enrolled at Wonkwang. Affiliated facilities cover a Central Library equipped with 5,000 seats,1.2 million books and electronic information center, and a university museum that carries the largest collection of Korean folk art in the nation. University Newspaper and Broadcasting station, Science center, Center for Continuing Education, Student Service center with its one-stop service system, Center for moral Education. Wonkwang also has 43 research centers including Research Center for Mahan-Baekje culture.

The University Medical Center, founded on the Spirit of Won-Buddhism, "Save Lives and Cure the World" (Jaesaengeuisae), consists of total 12 hospitals including Wonkwang University Hospital, Wonkwang University Iksan Oriental Medicine Hospital, Wonkwang University Dental Hospital, Wonkwang Oriental Medicine Hospital, Gwangju, Wonkwang Oriental Medicine Hospital, Jeonju, Wonkwang University Hospital, Sanbon, Wonkwang University Oriental Medicine Hospital, Sanbon, Wonkwang University Dental Hospital, Sanbon, Oriental Medicine Hospital, Sunchon, Wonkwang University Dental Hospital, Daejeon, Gunsan Medical Center, Wonkwang University Hospital, and Wonkwang University Ansan Municipal Geriatric Hospital. All of these university medical centers conduct research and education in both Western and Oriental medicine as well as providing medical services. The government authorized Medical Resources Research Center conducts research projects that will contribute to improving national competitiveness and regional economy.

For the welfare of students, Wonkwang University is providing more than 20.5 billion won with over 70 student scholarship programs, and there are dormitories like 15-story HakRim Hall for female students, 13-story Living Hall for male students as well as language hall for 500 students, Career Support Office for 600 students, along with big-sized Student Living Hall(dormitory) for 3600 students and Student Union Building with 100 club houses and convenience facilities. In addition, for higher education competitiveness, Wonkwang University has signed various exchange agreements with 64 universities in 20 countries for various sectors, including introduction of new management method, re-arrangement of the university organization, activation of international exchanges and supports for educational activities. Furthermore, we are making our best efforts to provide a respectable, responsible vision for the future society in social welfare activities. Wonkwang University also constructed e-Learning lecture rooms, equipped with ubiquitous facilities of electronic boards and computers in every classroom, and also signed exchange agreement with Ludong University in China for 2+2 degree exchange program, for the competitiveness of students in the international society based on continuous innovation and investment.

Wonkwang University has achieved its high reputation recently, based on various foundation for education for the whole man. For these efforts, it has been recognized as Best University in Education Innovation Assessment for 7 consecutive years by Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development. Moreover, in Brain Korea 21(BK21) Project and New University for Regional Innovation(NURI) project, each 7 and 4 project teams of Wonkwang University were selected. Wonkwang university was ranked as Best University in University Specialization and Best University for 2 consecutive years in Financial Assistance Project to Foster Regional Universities(Employment sector) at the same time, as well as being selected for High-technology development project laboratory by the Ministry of Science and Technology for Nano-radioactive medical image research. With this opportunity, Wonkwang university has strengthened its competitiveness by operating Iksan Radioactive Image Science Laboratory, Vestibulocochlear System Laboratory, Zoonosis Laboratory as well as firmly established its basis as a distinguished private university. Every member of Wonkwang University is still making its best efforts today, with its vision of for university to develop creative leaders, university with balanced development in practical research and studies and university of morality for better future of Wonkwang University students.